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  1. There shall be a General Assembly which shall comprise:
    • The Executive Officers elected under this Constitution
    • The Presidents and Secretaries of all JCRs or halls or blocks whichever may be applicable in this University;
    • The Chairperson of all committees and commissions except the Chairperson of the Judicial Committee who shall attend General Assembly meetings on special occasions as may be specified by this Constitution or a resolution by the General Assembly, and sub committees formed under this Constitution
    • Representatives from each JCR elected by said JCR or by an electoral college of said JCR
    • The chairperson of the Women’s Commission;
    • Two students of the Graduate Students Association.
    • One representative from each School, College or Faculty who have been validly elected by an electoral college consisting of the various associational heads of the said institutions.

  2. The SRC secretary shall prior to handing over ceremony of the executive officers of the SRC invite and receive the names of all validly elected representatives from the various unions, associations as provided for in paragraphs (b), (c),(d),(e),(f), (g), (h) of clause 1 of this article and duly register them.

  3. For the avoidance of doubt and with the exceptions of persons in paragraph (a) and (b) of clause 1 of this article, a person shall not be deemed to be a member of the General Assembly unless his/her name has been submitted in writing to the SRC secretary within the stipulated period as provided for in clause 2 of this article and has undergone the due registration within the stipulated registration period provided.


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