Online Voting Students' Credentials to be sent to their institutional emails

Greetings to one and all.

The Commission wishes to inform the general student populace that, from Tuesday, August 4, 2020 their CREDENTIALS (USERNAMES & PASSWORDS) would be sent to their INSTITUTIONAL EMAILS. The said exercise would proceed TILL after August 6, 2020.

Students therefore, are to note that:

1. Their credentials are not to be shared to or with any other student or whosoever it might be. They are private to you alone, and the Electoral Commission would NOT be responsible for any negligence on the part of any student.

2. Their credentials would be useful only on August 7, 2020 and hence the system would remain closed until 7:00AM on the Voting Day.

3. Complaints (IF ANY) shall be received from such students from TOMORROW on August 5, 2020 via No complaints shall receive address after August 6, 2020.

4. Before complaining or sending a complaint, they must have LOG IN to their INSTITUTIONAL EMAILS FIRST. If you cannot login to your institutional email send complaints to